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Dear Flipanzip

“Just wanted to write and say thanks for a wonderful product. I have a favorite jacket that is more than 25 years old and still looks great…..except this season, the bottom retainer box on the zipper fell off….and I couldn’t wear the jacket because even though I still had the slider, and the jacket still zipped up fine, without the bottom retainer box, the zipper kept opening at the bottom. Well, after I searched the internet for a replacement bottom retainer box with no luck (one site said the box couldn’t be replaced) and a trip to the dry cleaners (where they indicated the whole zipper would have to be replaced for about $25.),,,,,I was about to give up. The zipper is visible, decorative, and matches other zippers on the jacket and I wasn’t interested in replacing it. I was happy to find your internet site, thinking I would give your slider a try… thinking was to install it below the existing slider and use it as a “stop” to keep the jacket from unzipping. I’m happy to report that your slider works just great. I can use the jacket again….and I can use your slider as a stop (by tightening it down) or as a second slider to open the jacket from the bottom (which I couldn’t do before).

Many many thanks for a great product. I’m saving your literature in case I have to order another in the future.

Best regards,



James from Bergenfield, NJ

“Yes I just received it . Thank you GREAT PRODUCT works like a charm.”
Teachers in North Dakota:
“Every day we spend time getting children into jackets for recess and then getting them out of stuck jacket zippers.  How great it would be to have the children fix their own jackets.”
Construction Workers:
“I have 8 Carhartts coveralls with missing sliders and have saved them to fix someday.   There is just no real easy and  affordable way to fix them until I saw the Flip-an-Zip
Survival gear tester and writer:
Doug Ritter of said. “The “Flip an Zip” is the coolest new product I saw at OR this summer. I really, really want to be able to carry a set of these in my bags when I travel or go into the field.” Visit his website and read the whole review.
Checks out new equipment for our soldiers:
The writer Eric Graves for soldier systems discovered Flip an ZIp at the OutDoor Retailer in 2008  He said “Most Innovative Product”. For me, it is the Flip an zip Interchangeable Zipper Slider.”
Rocky Thompson of the said:
“Basically, if every backpack replaced one of their pulls with one of these Flip and Zip Pulls, you could use it to fix broken zippers on your tent, pack or pants while you’re in the backcountry. A pretty good idea that’s insanely simple in its design.”
Alex Wong said
Hi CTF, I was suprised to receive my zipper repair today- I only ordered it a few days ago! It works awesome! I was faced with and expesive repair to a 10 yr old windsurfing bag. Your product saved me a lot of dough and headache! thanks…. Alex
Tim Kassir said
I just wanted to let you know that I received my Standard Heavy Duty Large Slider for #10 Zippers and it worked great on the rear window of my converible top of my 65 Mustang converible.  Shipping was very fast as well.  Thanks.
Steve Garvey said

Thank you for sending the medium size .
I put in on and it connected the 2 zipper halves.
Then a cool thing happened, I ran it to the end of the camera bag and locked it down, tightly.
After I did this the original double zipper started working correctly !
You saved a very expensive camera bag.

Thank you, Steve Garvey

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