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We have seen the demand for  a zipper slider that will not corrode in salt water.  Many boat canvas products use a # 10 plastic toothed zipper.  The slider is cast from a material that will corrode over time.  We now offer a repair slider that is cast from silica bronze and uses stainless steel parts.  Keep one handy in your boat for emergency repairs. We all know that everything always breaks at the worst time.  (Murphy’s Law)


Temporarily out of stock

You can get a choice of a cord pull or military style pull or ring pull.  You can put on pull on either side of the zipper and can tighten the thumbscrew to lock it in place.   The military style pull is recommended if you are in cold weather and use gloves.
Wet Suit Repair

Now you can repair your wet suit zipper after it has failed you.  Our slider has lock in place ability and allows for wear because of the spring plate.  It can go backwards over a split zipper by simply releasing the tension with the thumbscrew and then go over the split.   Why spend hundreds to fix your zipper?  Now you can use a Flip an Zip to repair your zipper and when your wet suit is done for the day you can take it off and fix your tent or jacket.
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